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Transpersonal Coaching Level 2

Content level 2

Module 1 - Getting into the “swing” of the work: ACIM essentials for living in service:
  • Inner quest - who (what) am I and where am I going?
  • Psychotherapy, Purpose process and practice
  • The meaning of forgiveness
  • Fear of redemption
Module 2 - The basics of transpersonal psychology
  • What is transpersonal psychology and how does it work?
  • Dark night of the soul
  • Finding meaning in a meaningless world
Module 3 - Essential skills for counseling and coaching
  • Self motivation for helping
  • Profile of self as helper
  • Active listening
  • Perception checking
  • Paraphrasing
  • Creating safety and trust
  • Boundaries and ethics
Module 4: - Major schools of therapy
  • Rogers – humanistic
  • Perls – gestalt
  • NLP
  • Byron Katie, Virginia Satir, Harville Hendrix, Gay and Kathleen Hendricks – transpersonal
Module 5: - How to facilitate forgiveness methods
  • Byron Katie
  • 5 step
  • 2 step
  • Quadrants
  • 7 gates – Willem Glaudemans
  • Family consultation (if possible)
Module 6: - Using energy and body work in transpersonal coaching
  • Bring in and work with the 9 flags of Hendricks material – includes non-verbal communication and breath work.
  • Autobiography rewrite
  • Mentoring a level 1 colleague and/or supporting level 1 classes
  • Working with a client for 4 -6 sessions – videotaped
  • Doing the lessons
  • Shadow facilitating either weekly group or a workshop
 For more information call Paul Goudsmit or Jane Tipping at 06  344 26 988 (from Canada 011-31-6344 26 988  or send anemail, or use our handy Contact Us form
Transpersonal Coaching – additional skills training for people who have already participated in Level 1 and level 2
For those of you who participated in our previous program: “Practitioner training” Level 2, you are invited to enroll in modules that are new or those which you might like to revisit. (See the list of modules in document on Transpersonal Coaching Level 2) The cost of participating in each module is $500.00.
Our vision is to create a cadre of people able to facilitate in a variety of situations. If you are willing and interested, you will be asked from time to time to facilitate a weekly group, work with a client, and co-facilitate a workshop. In addition, coaching is available to those of you with your own practice who simply want more hands on training.


Dedicated to the practical application of A Course in Miracles