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Transpersonal Coaching

What is Transpersonal Coaching?

Rather than the focal point being the mind, transpersonal coaching or psychology focuses on the whole being – mind, body, soul, and heart. The ultimate goal of transpersonal work is to embrace and integrate our humanity with our divine nature.
Transpersonal coaching focuses on action rather than problem solving. It is the process of transformation by which we reach self empowerment and our true divine nature – by working through our humanity not by bypassing or transcending it. There are no shortcuts on this path.
Transpersonal work is a journey of self –love – and living an authentic and passionate life operating from the heart. It is about building a loving relationship with yourself and therefore everyone around you.
Transpersonal Coaching Level 1 begins a life altering personal journey. Utilizing family systems, experiential and humanistic therapies, the program explores intrapersonal forces which govern our lives within a Transpersonal context. Our unique blending of A Course in Miracles principles with Systems Theory emphasizes finding our sense of safety and remembering meaning in the profound interconnection of all life. Classes are both experiential and didactic in nature facilitating personal integration of the material for the purpose of acquiring a higher perspective and expanding the authentic self.
*Note: The Transpersonal element of these courses incorporates the philosophy of A Course in Miracles.
Overall Vision
It is time to come out of the spiritual closet. We can no longer afford to hide, deny or minimize our collective commitment to spiritual healing, growth and understanding of ourselves or the world at large.
“Don’t ask what the world needs.        
Rather ask what makes you come alive;
Then go and do it! 
Because what the world needs 
is people who have come alive."
                                          -Howard Thurmon
It is time to think big and boldly
Through the Transpersonal Coaching program we are in the process of creating classes and courses for a broader application to mainstream society. Our collective consciousness is changing and with that there is a great need to apply transpersonal healing methods to the world of business, education, correctional facilities, professional psychological associations, and military establishments as well as a wide range of people with individual, relationship and family issues. 
If you believe you are being called to make a difference in your personal lives and the world, please consider joining with us and others. The courses outlined for this program are designed to lay the foundation for an exciting and rewarding life purpose of being in service to the practical extension of Love. Although the form of exactly how we each do this may differ widely, the content remains the same for all of us.
Are you ready to step up?

Transpersonal Coaching Level 1 Next online sereis begins April 12 2021

Be dedicated to self-awareness, More

Transpersonal Coaching Level 2

Content level 2

Transpersonal Coaching – additional skills training for people who have already participated in Level 1 and level 2
For those of you who participated in our previous program: “Practitioner training” Level 2, you are invited to enroll in modules that are new or those which you might like to revisit. (See the list of modules in document on Transpersonal Coaching Level 2) The cost of participating in each module is $500.00.
Our vision is to create a cadre of people able to facilitate in a variety of situations. If you are willing and interested, you will be asked from time to time to facilitate a weekly group, work with a client, and co-facilitate a workshop. In addition, coaching is available to those of you with your own practice who simply want more hands on training. More


Dedicated to the practical application of A Course in Miracles