Here are the various services we offer on a regular basis


One-On-One & Relationship Counseling More

Family Counseling More

Counseling by Phone or Skype More

Counseling Services Offered by Students in Training More


Mini Workshops:

Speakers are available to conduct “mini workshops” on request. The focus of each workshop is on a central theme of the course or everyday life. The theme is then expanded to increase deeper understanding of the Course and participants’ ability to apply its principles to their individual life circumstances. Sample topics include:

We are never upset for the reasons we think

– a workshop on the meaning of true forgiveness

Money – The Ego And You More

Relationship as a Spiritual Path More

Forgiveness in 3D More

Love is a way of seeing

In this 2.5 hour workshop we will delve into what it looks and feels like to look at the world and everyone in it (including ourselves) through the eyes of love and forgiveness.

Learning from the Course in Miracles:

A basic introduction to the major principles and philosophy of ACIM.

It isn’t easy being God

This workshop focuses on our concept of God and the role of God in our lives. What does it really mean to serve God? 

Speaking engagements:

Paul Goudsmit and Jane Tipping are available to speak on a variety of topics pertaining to the application of the course in Miracles. Sample topics include:

  • The Course in Miracles in simple terms
  • Putting the passion back in your life
  • Why does this keep happening
  • It isn’t easy being God – growing in spiritual maturity
  • Bringing the work to work
  • Forgiveness
  • Why we are never upset for the reasons we think
  • Relationship as a spiritual path
  • The What we are vs. the who
  • I’m too blessed to be stressed


Dedicated to the practical application of A Course in Miracles